Woodhead Horns

Interview with Heidi and Luke Woodhead (Woodhead Horns)

In this interview for Horn Magazine, Will Padfield has the opportunity to talk to the owners of Woodhead Horns, Luke and Heidi Woodhead, two horn players who decided to set up their workshop in London and have become one of the most fantastic horn repair services in the UK.
anneke scott horn

Anneke Scott: “If We Want to Be a Cultural Force for Good and Engage With Members of the Public, It Is Vital That We Are All Openly Positive About What We Do”

In Horn Magazine, we are fortunate to have Anneke Scott, probably one of the most outstanding specialists in natural horn and period brass instruments, who has vast experience playing with leading ensembles. In this interview with Will Padfield, she talks about her career in Historically Informed Performance (HIP).
dave cooper horn

David Cooper: “Resiliency Has Gotten Me Through a Lot of Hard Times”

If you consider yourself unlucky in your orchestra auditions, this interview with David Cooper (principal horn of the Chicago Symphony) will knock your socks off, as he shares with us all the ups and downs he went through to get to where he is today. This is a must-read!
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