jonathan lipton horn embouchure change

Jonathan Lipton and His Embouchure Change at 18

Not many people know that Jonathan Lipton (horn of the London Symphony for more than three decades) suffered an embouchure change during his student days. In this interview, he talks about how he dealt with this issue that troubles so many brass players.
felix klieser horn

Felix Klieser

We are very excited to welcome Horn Magazine's Featured Artist for our April issue: Felix Klieser.
Ida Holm Olaussen Alta Brass Quintet

Ida Holm Olaussen & the Alta Brass Quintet

Norwegian hornist Ida Holm Olaussen (principal of the Arctic Philharmonic) talks to us about the Alta Brass Quintet, with which she has several projects.
dave cooper

David Cooper

We are very excited to introduce Horn Magazine's Featured Artist for the September issue: David Cooper.